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Professor Satyre's ~ S c i - F r i e d ~ S i d e s h o w

LIVE Performance!
Sci Fi Summer Con Atlanta
Crown   Plaza   Marietta  -  Atlanta
9 PM, Saturday, June 13, 2009 
K  i  m   H o l e c
 T o m   D i s b r o w
M i k e  Langford
as the Beaver
und Der Munchkin Luftwaffe Chorale Enzemble mit Zaftige Pflugle Spitzen! Yah!

See!   Hear!   Live!
The wackiest conglomeration of
parodies and pastiches in captivity!
New  (and classic)  abominations for your
 depraved  and  campy  cravings!
You  ain't  grokked  nothin'  yet!


Around   every   turn.

At  the  dead  end  of  every  DARK  road.

The   yellow   sign   beckons   with

hashbrowns frying and heartbeats pounding.

No one knows the sizzling secrets of life and death sprawled across the greasy griddle of...

  The Waffle House of Frankenstein!

and virtually several  new apocalypses

for your dining and dancing pleasure --

Old TV set; Size=180 pixels wide

                            also featuring ~
David Selznick's  Androids of Tara
Come to   Salvador  Dollywood!
VertigoT h e   L o s t   Scenes
The Day The Dragnet Stood Still 
Night of the Living Mister Ed
                by Mike Langford
~ and ~
The Brides of Doctor Who
by Kim Holec
         All your fab faves!
    So come on down!
  Yes, kids, that's ---
P r o f e s s o r
S a t y r e's
Sci-Fried  Sideshow
Baffling the Police with Authentic
Southern Sci-Fried Bulldada
Since 1999

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Crown Plaza Atlanta-Marietta
1775 Parkway Place
Marietta, GA 30067
770 - 428 - 4400